Case Management Software

  • Clean dashboard for quick case lookup
  • Create a case in 30 seconds
  • Case numbers can be customized and are auto generated
  • Customize case statuses
  • Invite USERS to individual cases

Case Notes and Comments

  • Track case tasks by date and time spent on them
  • Show or hide specific notes from users
  • Invite others to comment and discuss notes
  • All case notes are encrypted and are printable

Expense Tracking

  • Manage your expenses per case
  • Automatic expenses added when taking notes
  • Customize expense categories

Person(s) of Interest

The Persons of Interest area is designed so that users can create custom profiles for specific cases or people. For example, we have investigators using this feature to track court evictions, while others are utilizing it to help reformed gang members get jobs. Because of the ability to add specific customized fields, you can manage each ‘person’ as you need.

  • Limitless custom fields
  • Upload photos and assign to Case Image
  • Search by any custom field

Need Help Picking a Plan– Give Us a Call!

If you are a new user and want to learn more on how to better use the system, please enter your email, and a member will contact you to setup a 1-2 hour training session with you and your team.

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Case Roster

  • Add to your Roster to secure each case
  • Quickly add or remove a user from your Roster
  • Invite outside users to view cases and restrict the transfer of case ownership to other members in your roster
    – When other users are invited, email invitations are sent automatically with a ‘Secure Access Code’ to allow access
    – ‘Secure Access Code’ expires to avoid stale roster personnel
  • Ability to transfer case ownership to other members in the roster