Export Data out of CaseJacket

Step OneĀ 

  • Go to your DASHBOARD
  • Click on the CASE you wish to EXPORT
  • Click on the LAST TAB > ‘Entire View’




  • Click on the BLUE ‘Export Entire Case’ Button




  • It will DOWNLOAD everything EXCEPT ‘Uploads’
  • Save File

Step Two

  • In the Case you are currently exporting, click on the UPLOADS button
  • Click on the GREEN ‘List View’ Button
  • Click the “Check All” BOX
  • Click the GREEN ‘Download Selected’ Button
  • All Uploads related to this case, will be downloaded to a ZIP file



Formatting Case Notes

Formatting Case Notes Example

###------------------ Case Specifics ------------------###
(add case specifics here)

###------------------Subject ------------------------- ###
**Primary Subject:**  `    `

**Address:** `    `

**Date of Birth:** `    `

**Claimants Physical Description:** `    `

**Injury:** `    `

**Restrictions:** `    `

**Claim Number:** `    `

**Case Contact:** `    `

**Scheduled:** `    `

**Assigned PI:** `    `

**Surveillance Working Days:** `    `

**Surveillance Hours Per Day:** `    `

**Case Type:** `    `

###------------------ Inv. Notes ------------------###
(add notes here)

###------------------ Case Manager Notes------------------###
(add notes here)


Case Jacket Redesign

Case Jacket is a very powerful case management tool that has been used by thousands over the past seven years.

Although our functionality has improved with many updates, we’ve used our original design elements since Case Jackets initial launch. With the rise of mobile focused design, we have made it a priority to update the over all look and feel of Case Jacket without sacrificing any of the functionality.

These design changes will make the site easier to navigate on any screen size, and will create a clean and cohesive experience for our users.

The full design will be launching in phases though the remainder of the year.