Reminder Calendar

New Feature : Reminder Calendar

This feature is easy to us, and will keep your appointments and important dates viewable to you and members who have access to a case in your account.

From your DASHBOARD, you can either:

1. Click on the ‘+quick add ‘ to add a new reminder A pop-up window will come up:

A STANDARD reminder can be assigned to a certain Member within your account AND a Case.

A PERSONAL reminder is assigned to you ONLY.

Priority Settings (low, normal, high, urgent), each reminder is be flagged with a color to signify the level of importance.

2. Click on ‘ show more ‘ to see a LIST of ALL your reminders

On the RIGHT hand side is your Calendar with a monthly view, weekly view and daily view.


Priority Flags :

  • LOW = Grey Flag
  • NORMAL = Blue Flag
  • HIGH = Yellow Flag
  • URGENT = Red Flag

Easy to EDIT and DELETE